Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why, Hello 2014

My first post was October 22, 2009.  It’s been almost exactly 4 years of Bubbleland.

4 years ago I was a newlywed.  New home cook.  Firsts were everywhere.  I had only just moved in our first house & adopted our first doggie while I was still working my first “real” job.

Since then, I’ve gotten stamps in my passport.  Worn in a cast iron.  Worked on a now-defunct start-up website and moved on to my third “real” job.  And am about to celebrate 5 years of wedded bliss.  I’m getting further into my 30s and the firsts aren’t in abundance anymore.  Which is not a bad thing at all.  It’s just a new stage.  (Hey, that’s a first!  Sorta?)  A stage of delighting in an early bedtime and an appreciation for a really good moisturizer. 

This week I was thinking about how long it’s been since I’ve been here.  And the lack of time, blah blah blahhh.  So do I leave this thing up or take it down if I’m not really keeping current?  What’s the point?  Is there a point?  What were we just talking about?

And then I was thinking too - this blog isn’t important.  In a lovely, everyday way, it’s not.  I just like to take pictures of food & dogs and didn’t have anywhere to put them.  I like looking back on meals shared & times spent with the ones I love.  So it doesn’t have to be a choice of keeping it or signing off for good.  I’ll post when I can and you come back if you want, my little Bubble people.

(Although I’m never really sure anyone reads this other than my dad.  But just as well bc no one else probably thinks I’m funny.  My new hair person didn’t laugh at my jokes the other day.  Not like it was knee-slapping humor but come on.  Crack a smile!  And on top of that, she over charged me.  Whatever.  The price was lowered but the message was received.  Chair permanently vacated.  Teach you not to laugh at my jokes...)

So all that to say, hello again, yous guys there.   What’s been cookin’, good lookins?

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