Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Menu Planning Weeks 7 – The END

Let's run through the end of the menu planning!  I thought we'd go out with a big bang.  But I really ended doing a lot of quick meals & just getting it sorta getting through it.  April was super busy with work & life so I'm just glad this is over & we all got fed.  Also, my love of my cast iron has been re-confirmed for the billionth time...

Cast Iron Steak Night
Quick Cast Iron Tilapia
Trey birthday crawfish!
Cast Iron Pork chops
Slow cooker Asian chicken
We ate on this for a while
Wing Fest!  Had fun w/ friends & fam.  But no finals.  Hopefully better luck next year!
Leftover Wing Fest Cast Iron Pepperjack Burgers w/ Toasted Buns
Big batch of Cast Iron Chipotle Lime Chicken Thighs
And, of course, Cast Iron Blackened Salmon

Ok.  DONE.  I'd hoped to better track the end but, eh, whatcha gonna do?  At least Hubs is done with his twice a week class.  And we're on to bigger & better things!

Seriously.  I've been reading about the Paleo "diet".  I just started an "Essence of Paleo" menu for this week.  I have many of the thoughts on this.  So expect big things at the beginning!  And then a petering off at the end.  I don't really have a time frame but I'm thinking this will go well with BBQ Fest next week, yesss?

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